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E-PROM Pharma was founded by Mr KAMAL SABOUR with the aim to provide patients, healthcare professionals and pharma industry with his expertise and know-how acquired during his 25 years experience.

E-PROM pharma started in 2015 as a consulting and training agency.

E-PROM Pharma has developped a new innovative training concept : 
The   "Performance Learning Management".

The PLM is a team performance oriented training program that brings new training methods and concepts. Read more 

The training modules are made in "Blended Learning" combining face-to-face and eLearning "Blended Learning" (Visit our e-learning platform www.eprompharma.com/elearning).

E-PROM Pharma supports several laboratories and medical companies in development projects by providing solutions for both strategic and operational levels. Read more

At the beginning of 2018, E-PROM Pharma launched its first product EOLE dual ®, an innovative product for dry eye condition (please visit our product website www.eoledual.com).

Our pipeline contains other products will bring real added value.